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The Department of Government Enablement Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Marketplace - Abu Dhabi Government Procurement Gate. 

Organizations interested in doing business with Abu Dhabi Government Entities must complete the registration on the Procurement Gate - information technology platform of the Government for procurement running on ADERP. The registration is a one-time activity centralized for Abu Dhabi Government Entities. Once registered, the profiles of suppliers are visible to buyers from all entities operating through the Procurement Gate.


Did You Know

Qualification conducted as a part of the supplier registration process is not equivalent to shortlisting for tenders. It does not guarantee business with any Abu Dhabi Government Entity. Abu Dhabi Government Entities may conduct their own screening and technical evaluation during tenders.

One Easy Step

Supplier Registration Process

Supplier Registration

Required Documents

  • Commercial / Industrial / Trade License
  • Tax Registration Certificate (or valid justification on Company Letterhead, if tax registration is not applicable)
  • Authorization on Company Letterhead for the person authorized to provide registration information on behalf of the supplier
  • Bank Account Confirmation Letter
For further guidance or queries regarding “How to Register as a Supplier” please contact the AD Contact Center Team at email address or “TAMM” Customer Self Service Portal TAMM - Contact Centre  or Contact at 800555. 

More Resources For You

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Becoming a Registered Supplier

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